Virtual Assistant Categories
80 hours
160 hours
 Hourly RatePriceHourly RatePrice
Administration Services$2.99Only $240$2.99Only $400
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Writing & Data Entry  $4.99Only $800
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Marketing & Advertising$3.99Only $320$3.99Only $600
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Online Research$1.99Only $160$1.99Only $300
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Website Design$5.99Only $480$5.99Only $960
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Graphic Design$2.99Only $240$2.99Only $400
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Video & Audio Editing$5.99Only $480$5.99Only $960
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Social Media$2.99Only $240$2.99Only $400
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Personal Employee$2.99Only $240$2.99Only $400
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Software Development  $9.99Only $1500
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Writing$5.99Only $480$5.99Only $960
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Data Mining$1.99Only $160$1.99Only $300
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What’s included?Small Business ALL-INCLUSIVE hourly rate!Big Business Itemised billing for teams of 10 or more Service fee+ Staff wages
Part-time 20hrs per week  
Full-time 40hrs per week  
Remote Working Platform  
IT Support  
Account Manager  
HR included  
No upfront recruitment fee  
Free employee replacement (first six months)  
10-day trial of candidates  
Termination notice period: 24 hours (first six months) 2 weeks (after six months)  
2 weeks refund guarantee on unconsumed hours  
Only pay for the hours worked  
Invoiced periodsWeekly, Fortnightly, MonthlyMonthly
Additional Office Solution (if required)From $190 USD (per month, per staff member five days a week)From $190 USD (per month, per staff member five days a week)
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