What is virtual assistance?

Virtual assistance is a branch of the administrative profession formalized by Anastacia Brice in 1997. The professionals are called virtual assistants, or VAs. VAs are micro business owners who provide administrative, operational, and personal support while working in long-term collaborative relationships with only a handful of terrific clients. Using phone, email, as well as other emerging technologies, VAs support their clients’ needs, across the board, without having to ever step foot inside the clients’ offices.

Who would work with an FIDAGURUS VA?

Our VAs work with successful people of all kinds. Authors, speakers, financial pros, realtors and brokers, solopreneurs, sales people, consultants, coaches, executives, professionals, entrepreneurs—anyone who wants to live a more balanced life with more free time to do the things he/she wants to do!

What are the benefits of a VA?

Fidagurus VA can eliminate time spent hiring and managing another employee, boost customer satisfaction, increase your productivity, and elevate your professional image.

Why should I hire VAs? I already have time to do what needs to be done?

Some business owners delegate because they are extremely busy and need to spread the workload. But it sounds like you might find delegating beneficial because you'll be able to spend the new-found time on other aspects of your business. For example, you might have time in your day to do the administrative tasks, but is it the best use of your time? You might actually earn higher revenue if you delegate that work and spent the time performing more billable work.

Can I hire a team of virtual assistants at FIDAGURUS?

Yes, you can hire a team of virtual assistants at FIDAGURUS.

Can I hire a hourly virtual assistant?

Yes, you can hire a hourly virtual assistants at FIDAGURUS.

How do we work virtually ?

Thanks to the internet, working virtually has never been easier. We use a project management system that allows you to create projects and/or upload files. Depending on the level of service you've chosen, you can talk to your project manager through email or to your virtual assistant through email, chat, telephone, or Skype.

Some of our clients have created accounts or shared username/password access to sites they use for various tasks. (For example, a business owner might create an account in WordPress for his or her VA to post blogs).

How would I be billed?

How would I be billed?

FIDAGURUS VA offers several plans for client use, each plan defines the service offered and billing terms. We will work with you to determine which plan is best for you, in terms of budget and need. For more details you can check out the biz models.

What happens if I don't like the completed result?

We provide a satisfaction guarantee that assures you that you will like the finished product or we will work tirelessly to make it right.

We have several escalation systems in place to get it right. For example, on the rare occasion that you review the work and find that it doesn't mean your expectations, you can request that the work is completed again by your VA. Or, if the problem persists, you can raise the issue with the VA's project manager who might decide that another VA can apply a higher skill level to the project.

In short, your project will be completed to your satisfaction and we will do everything in our power to complete it successfully the first time around.

How do I know that my business and customer details will be safe?

Confidentiality is an important part of our business. We offer all clients a legally binding NDA (non-disclosure agreement). We take all security and privacy issues very seriously and stringently insist on the utmost professionalism from our staff at all times. FIDAGURUS VA provides confidential information to staff on a need-to-know basis. In addition to this, all VA's are required to individually sign NDA's.

How do I get started with your services?

Please sign up here to get started and your dedicated virtual assistant is ready to work on your to-do list.

What are the modes of payment?

Our preferred mode of payment is Wire Transfer. However, customer can pay via PayPal through MASTER CARD or VISA.