Choose That Fit For You


At Fidagurus, 3 types of business models are provided keeping an eye on the constantly changing plot of the industry as well as the challenges faced during business outsourcing. As customer’s needs change every now and then, its almost impossible to provide a permanent solution. The firm which you choose for need to add flexibility, punctuality, error free as well as speed to its operations. Keeping in mind these things, we provide flexibility and transparency through our innovative models.

Our business models are mostly entitled to carry out the functions and operations required to fulfill the customer’s needs and also to fit in their pocket. We offer 3 business models which are as follows:

  • Fixed Price Model
  • Time & Material Model
  • Dedicated Virtual Assistants

The above 3 models are designed keeping in mind the changing situations and also these models save you time as well as cost.


These are the models which is mainly used when everything is defined like the project time, cost, constants and variables, every single detail about the project. Read more about 100 free spins no deposit. This model also helps the users who are stepping for the first time in and don’t have any idea about what the future perspective will be.

Some of the features of the fixed price model are:

  • The time and cost is estimated before any project takes place.
  • The agreement is signed between mutually agreed parties and the cost is decided upon keeping an eye upon the project size and other constraints.
  • There are no other hidden costs other than the fixed cost mutually agreed by both the sides. So that particular cost continues for the results achieved one by one.

The advantages of this model are:

  • The price is known before any commencement of the project as well as the time.
  • It is ofcourse a low risk model where you dont need to worry about investing a huge budget.
  • As you know the budget, then you can keep the amount in handy for the upcoming projects.
  • Transparency and a clear vision of what the project requirements between both the sides.
  • The project is executed very fast as everything is predefined as per the requirement.


When the project requirements vary from time to time and cant be clearly defined, then this model is the perfect one. Basically here the project runs in long term and its supposed to be of higher value. Generally these projects are impossible to itemize and estimated in advance.


  • This model is ideal for the projects involving new ideas and technologies.
  • This model is great for projects which contains raw informations unlike in fixed projects.
  • There is a consistent communication between the employees and the customer.
  • The project managers help the customers supervise the employees associated with the project.
  • Cost is calculated taking the team size and the man hours involved.


  • The project can be easily started as there is no preparation like in the fixed model.
  • Customers can pay after each step in the project is completed.
    Customers can control their budget.
  • Customer can imply any changes as the project moves ahead.


Dedicated virtual assistants are those who are dedicated and employed in your work only and not in any other tasks. This model is chosen when there is a huge project with wide spreading requirements as well as budget. Here the remote workers act as an employee to you while working from remote places.


  • Extending businesses are recommended to use this model.
  • The team works with complete transparency to customers.
  • A project manager also works along with your project which helps employees to be focused on their work and also the project manager guides them along.
  • The workers work only for you and not for any other tasks.


  • This model implies a straightforward communication between the customer and the employees.
  • Customer can monitor and control the dedicated virtual assistants.
  • Expenses such as labor taxes, monthly assistant salary, hardware/software issues, HR policies, infrastructure & other fixed expenses are not an issue.
  • Since there are no fixed goals, you can change the process or the operations as per your need.
  • Dedicated assistants only work for you and not on any other projects.