Affiliate Program



Like Minded businesses working together

We love it when business minded people ask us to join forces and affiliate with us. We encourage like minded individuals and companies to talk about our services to their client base. In return we have designed an attractive incentive scheme giving you monthly income every month.

Outsourcing work is a great way to reduce your business costs. Essentially we provide employees to work for our clients around the world under their management, from our offshore offices. Where a client would otherwise pay an Administrator circa $1200 pm in UK – our clients only pay $2.99 per hour for a Full Time Administrator from us, working the same working hours as our client.

We pay 10% commission every month for every live contract on introductions.

A live contract is whereby, after introducing a client, we remain in business. If the client decides to cancel then the contract is no longer live.

For example, if you promote our Data Entry Outsourcing service for $2.99 per hour, whilst the contract is live, you will receive $47.84 GBP every month for the one contract. Of course you will want to ensure your associate that you introduced to us remains a client, effectively service as a Consultant.

We pay 15% commission every month for every live contract if you introduce more than 10 contracts.

If you introduce more than 10 live contracts, your monthly commissions boosts to 15% for all live contracts from 11th contract onwards. This is paid to you every month! For example if you promote our Technical Support Outsourcing product for $2.99 per hour, for every contract you will recieve $71.76 GBP pm every month. So say for example you have introduced 15 live contracts, your will recieve $837.20 pm every month.

We believe in working with you for a mutual benefit. We believe in having a piece of something big rather than a everything of something small, for which reason we are happy to share with you and only retain a small profit for ourselves.

Next Step?

We do encourage you to personally try our service for your business. We want you to believe in our service, only then will you be able to truly speak of our services to your client base.

To get in touch with us regarding offshore outsourcing affiliation please click the green button below. We look forward to hearing from you!